Skyhawk Update – Feb. 3, 2010

Hello, and welcome to Project Skyhawk.  Not the Project Skyhawk which attempts to hock you shirts about the Buick Skyhawk, a car from the 1970’s, the Project Skyhawk about the Skyhawk Chatbot, which is being designed to pass the Turing Test.  Unlike many chatbots, this one, while I cannot call it metacognition, is to act more like a human than any I’ve found yet.

Every user to access Project Skyhawk will have a unique INI file created for them by the software, which will store information such as their name, age, physical attributes, occupation, and the like.  This will allow for multiple users to converse over a period of time yet to be determined, but most likely weeks, as that is a reasonable comparison to the human mind.

So, where am I?  Well, I just got the program to parse very basic inputs and execute functions based on said parsing.  In regular English, it can compare a word or number and give a preprogrammed reply.

But now I must go to school, so I will update as more updates come along.


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